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Dr. Liu has been treating me for different illnesses for over 20 years. I would be in a wheelchair today if it were not for her first treatment over 20 years ago. I began having mouth sores, it was so severe that I went to the University Utah Hospital to a Dr. Gerald Krueger. He was head over the Demonology at that Hospital at that time. After extensive tests and lab results coming back negative, he sat me down one day and told me good new and bad new which one do you want first. I said good news. Doctor Krueger went on to say " I have found the cure for you, it is Prednizone, but the bad new is that it will put you in a wheelchair in about 15 years as it will decay your bones, you will also have to take it for the rest of your life as it will shut down your adrenal glands and you will not be able to get out of bed in the morning without taking it." I thanked Dr. Krueger and left his office and threw the prescription in the garbage. I was in so much pain, but was not willing to sacrifice the rest of my life, I knew there had to be a cure out there for me without all these harmful side effects.
That is when I saw Dr. Liu's ad in the Newspaper, I went to see her, she did Chinese Acupuncture on me as well as giving me varies of Herbs to see which ones would assist in healing me. After about a week of trying a lot of different herbs, she gave me one that helped. When I would put this herb in my mouth after about 20 minutes the pain would cease. I took that Herb every day for a few months and the mouth sores were gone and I could eat again. A bag of the Herb cost me 20.00 and would last for months.Today if I run down my immune system eat too much sugar and do not get my sleep the sores will begin to come back, but I have the Herb ready.  I found the Acupuncture jump started my Immune system.  Ever since that day I have gone to Dr. Liu for varies illnesses and she has cured me.  Then one day my husband came down with Bells palsy the entire left side of his face was numb, while the right side was fine. It looked really bad, his eye teared constantly as it could not close. A medical doctor told us that it would be a few months and it would heal its self, again we went to Dr. Liu she gave my husband Acupuncture and Herbs  after 6 days of treatments with Acupuncture and Herbs my husband was healed. We figured the cost of her to heal him was under 300.00.  The thing with Dr. Liu is that she has healed me and my children and my husband without any harmful drugs that have harmful side effects at a fraction of the cost of a Medical Doctor. Her knowledge  of Herbs is that of the Chinese that goes back 5,000 years. she has been practicing Herbs for over 50 years now. I am alive an well and not in a wheelchair today because of Dr. Liu.
--Sheila E.

I was diagnosed with Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome
and Endrometriosis and my health was very critical.
Doctors told me that the only solution was to have surgery
and that I could never have another child. After two
surgeries my health continued as before. it was then
that I was treated by Dr. Delu Liu with acupuncture
and herbal treatments for six months. My health
started to improve instantly, my menstrual periods
became normal and a year later I became pregnant
with a beautiful baby girl.
--Martha G.

Dr. Liu has been treating me with herbal and acupuncture
for many years. I am grateful for the help she has given me.
The standard Western treatment would be strong synthetic
drugs with uncomfortable and possibly dangerous side-effects.
--Dennis. C

I had a history of diabetes for 20 years as well as high
blood pressure. On March 9th, 2013 early in the morning
and all of a sudden my left arm was totally numb. It stayed
that way for three days and my left leg became very weak.
I knew I was in danger of having a stroke. I called Dr. Liu
and started acupuncture and herbal treatment on March 13.
I felt a big difference in my arm on March 14th.
Dr. Liu accomanied me to Intermountain Health Care for
a checkup that day. The doctor suggested to scan my
brain with an MRI. He told me that I had a subdural hematoma
(bleeding) on the right side of my brain, that I needed
immediate surgery or I could die. Dr. Liu recommended
that I continue with the acupuncture and herbal instead
to dissipate the blood. After following Dr. Liu's instructions
for five days my left arm is not numb anymore and is
miraculously very functional. She saved my life and also
prevented me from going through unnecessary disability
in the future.
--John L.

I split my tibia at the bottom like a banana in 2003 after stupidly trying to jump over a fence. The pain was horrible, and continued after the MD told me it was healed. I started going to acupuncture shortly after, and found that it really helped with the pain for about a month, then it would return. In 2011, I met Dr. Liu through a friend who said she is much better than other Chinese Doctors. Dr. Liu treated my leg with her fire needle treatment and the pain was gone in five minutes. It has been two years since Dr. Liu's treatment and I still do not have any pain. I am convinced she is much more powerful than all the other acupuncturists I've seen.
--Tommy K.

I had high cholesterol for years, but didn't want to take the statins (cholesterol pharmaceuticals) that the doctor prescribed because there is so much talk about how dangerous these drugs are. My husband went to see Dr. Liu for a nerve problem and told her that I had high cholesterol. My husband brought home a cholesterol tea that Dr. Liu makes in her clinic. I started drinking it every day and shocked my doctor when it dropped my cholesterol 25 points in a month!
--Patty S.

Because I sit at my computer at work for long hours and have worked like this for many years, I had shooting pains in my arm, I lost sensation in the fingers on my left hand, and my neck has gotten so stiff that I just can't turn it to the side very much. My friend recommended Dr. Liu, so I went to see her. She gave me her fire needle treatment and fixed al three problems in just a few minutes. The problems have not returned in almost a year, and I find myself recommending her to everyone. It's funny to me that I quite often bring her up in conversation and people I know in the city have had a similar experience. Thank you Dr. Liu.
--Paul S.

Twenty-five years ago [ was diagnosed with high blood pressure diabetes, High cholesterol, and was gaining weight rapidly. The Doctors treated me for 15 years and gave me pills, but nothing helped. The pills have many negative side effects. and are very
expensive. Even with the pills, I still had a heart attack in 2005.
In September 2007 I went to China's Acupuncture Clinic & Herbal Store to recieve direction of Dr. Delu Liu and Dr. Jennifer Liu for knee pain and an infection in mouth. My pain and infection are gone and I begin loosing weight immediately. My blood pressure went from 180/115 down immediately to 140/190. My glucose levels are in normal range. I have more energy, and I feel so much better.
--Kathy W.

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